Why Leather Is The Better Choice For Your Armchair

Why Leather Is The Better Choice For Your Armchair

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Picking the right material for your armchair is important, as this can drastically impact the lifespan of the item. This means you want to pick a material that will be easy to maintain and will look good for as long as possible. Leather, faux leather and fabric are the three most popular materials used to cover armchairs, but which is best and which requires the least upkeep?

Why leather comes out on top

Keeping on top of housework can be difficult at the best of times, so ensuring your furniture is as low maintenance as possible is important. The last thing most people feel like doing during their downtime is cleaning the furniture. However, dirty or worn furniture can make your home look and feel tired.

For those of us who do not have the time nor want the hassle of having to maintain our armchairs, it is important to choose a quality material. For this, leather is best as leather armchairs are much easier to manage than those made of fabric or faux leather.

Why leather is better than faux leather

Many people choose furniture made from faux leather because it is cheaper and looks similar to leather. On the surface, this may be the case, but there are some major difference between the two materials.

Faux leather is usually made from PVC, polyurethane or polyamide microfibre. Unlike real leather, these materials do not wear as well. Over a period of time faux leather can crack and fade, leaving your armchairs looking tired, damaged or worn out. This is because the fibres used in faux leather are not as durable as real leather. The lifespan of faux leather can also be less, meaning as a result you may need to replace your armchair sooner than you would like to keep your home looking good.

Real leather might develop patina but it will appear softer over time, rather than spoiled. When properly looked after, real leather requires very little maintenance. Most leather armchairs are treated to prevent stains and damage, which means they are simple to look after. It is just a case of using a damp cloth to remove dust and, if it needs a deeper clean, using a mild soap and water to wipe it down.

Why leather is better than fabric

Fabric armchairs are a popular choice for many homes because they are often cheaper to buy and come in a range of styles. However, fabrics come with their own problems. Some fabrics have longer lifespans than others and lower quality fabrics can mean stains are next to impossible to get out.

Furthermore, fabrics wear out faster, meaning your fabric armchair can look tired before your leather armchair does. Fabric is also susceptible to fading over time. You will have to wash chair covers regularly, but this can leave your fabrics looking washed out. This means this type of material can be unsuitable if you have a busy household or pets.

Leather is very resistant to staining and damage, so it is easier to maintain.

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