Moving Heavy Furniture – How To Do It Right? 

Moving Heavy Furniture – How To Do It Right? 

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If you have ever relocated your home before, you will know that moving heavy furniture is a common reason for stress when planning a move. However, there is no need to worry about damaging a valuable credenza or a large sofa if you plan ahead and gather the proper tools. In order to avoid common moving mistakes when relocating heavy items, follow a few simple guidelines.

Avoid damages when moving your furniture by preparing in advance 

Prepare for the move

Whether you are moving heavy furniture to a new home in a nearby town or across the country you need to prepare in advance and read some informative tips before moving day. By planning ahead you will have enough time to conduct your relocation without any stress as well as to fulfill any important pre-move tasks.  Here are a few important steps to follow:

  • Evaluate whether you need any help with moving heavy furniture.
  • Gather proper tools and packing supplies.
  • Plan the moving day in advance. 

Do you need any help?

Relocations can be complicated and time-consuming. The process of moving heavy and large items doesn’t make it any easier. In order to avoid common moving mistakes, you need to evaluate whether you need any help while moving. Even though moving on your own might sound cheaper, having a skilled and experienced mover to help you, may pay off in the long run and help you save much valuable time. Hiring a reliable and reputable moving company will allow you to relax and focus on planning your new life while the pros take care of the heavy lifting. Professional moving companies have the tools, skills, and knowledge to easily move heavy and large items like pianos and furniture. They, also, use professional packing supplies and make sure to find high-quality cardboard boxes and wrapping materials in order to keep your belongings safe.

However, if you decide to play a DIY move, you should consider asking for help from your friends and family. Make sure to choose the people that can help you move heavy items and will be available on the day of your move.

Moving heavy furniture won’t be so difficult with proper tools

Whether you are moving a single heavy dresser or an entire home, investing in moving equipment will help you avoid moving troubles and stay safe during the moving day. Staying organized and planning ahead are the keys to a successful relocation. Therefore, search for the right moving equipment a few weeks in advance so you could have enough time to compare the prices and find the tools you need.

Here are a few essentials that will help you handle heavy moving boxes and furniture:

  • Protective gloves.
  • Hand trucks and moving dollies.
  • Plastic sliders and moving blankets can be used for moving your furniture around the house. 
  • Packing supplies.

Pack your furniture like a pro

In order to keep your belongings safe during a move, you need to create a packing plan and gather quality supplies. When moving heavy items like furniture, pianos or pool tables you need to invest in wrapping material. Industrial stretch plastic wraps are great for keeping your sofa protected. However, when packing antique wooden furniture or artwork, you need to make sure to avoid damaging the surface. Therefore, if you plan on keeping the items in a moving truck or storage during a longer period of time, make sure to protect them.  Use moving blankets, paper wrapping or linen before wrapping them with plastic.

Keep your furniture safe by using proper packing material

Do yourself a favor a make the furniture as light as possible. Take out the drawers, doors and disassemble any other parts that can easily be put back on. Make sure to pack and label all the parts and have a plan for reassembling them.

How to prepare for the moving day 

The day of your move will be filled with excitement, anticipations, and many tasks. Therefore, clear your schedule, it’s going to be a busy day! In order to stay safe and organized you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Dress properly.
  • Prepare the route.
  • Plan the furniture placement in your new home.
  • Pack an essential box.

Work smart not hard when moving heavy items. Use the advantages of having moving equipment and don’t forget to lift with your legs not your back. Take small steps and bend in your knees not your waist while lifting heavy boxes or furniture.

Choose comfortable clothes

Avoid injuries by dressing properly

Fashionable choices may help you leave a good first impression on your new neighbors. However, dressing improperly can lead to moving day injuries. Stay safe by choosing comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes. Make sure the people helping you are dressed properly and that they have the protective gear they need. Avoid wearing any jewelry and keep an extra shirt or a sweater around just in case the weather changes.

Plan the route

Plan the route for carrying and moving heavy furniture from your house to the loading area. If needed, install a ramp and remove any obstacles. Avoid lifting and carrying by sliding the furniture across your home. Consider removing the doorsteps to make the process easier.

Plan the furniture placement in advance 

Avoid moving and lifting heavy furniture more times than necessary by planning the furniture layout in advance. Therefore both you and your movers of friends will know exactly where everything should be placed. This way you will settle in your new home quickly and avoidwasting time by moving your furniture around the house.

Pack an essential box

In order to make the process of moving heavy furniture stress-free pack make sure you have all of your essentials easily reachable. Create a list of items you will need during the moving day in advance and make the box gets loaded to the truck last. Besides some extra clothes, first aid kit, water and snacks make sure to pack the tools that you need to unwrap the furniture, clean it if necessary and reassemble the additional parts.

Reassemble your furniture right after the move

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