Important Tips for Incorporating Cottage Plan in your Home Design

Important Tips for Incorporating Cottage Plan in your Home Design

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You may have come across various kinds of home design plans when looking forward to designing your dream home. However, with a number of options available online, you may be perplexed into choosing the right design suitable to your needs. Are you thinking of designing a home that would be entirely different from the traditional home designs? Do you have something specific in your mind? In case, you do not have a specific home design plan, let us suggest you a cottage plan. It would provide your house with a different kind of appearance. You would relish the new and improved appearance of your house.

Main keys for a suitable cottage design plan

When considering a cottage design plan for your room, you should consider three basic keys. The foremost would be white paint, creativity and slipcovers.

The white paint

The white paint would put life into your mismatched, discoloured and old furniture. It would create a single theme for all kinds of styles blended into the room. It would not be wrong to suggest that some furniture available in the market, especially for children would already come equipped with white paint. It would provide you with a cottage inspired design having distressed edges and conveying the popularity of the relatively new and improved style. A few coats of white paint would provide you with an airy, cheerful and bright mood in your home.


You would be required to follow your creative instincts for laying out your furniture plan. You would be required to consider using various items for something that would provide a different function other than the ones they have been used for. You could transform your favourite chair into a console table. It may hold your favourite hatbox or vast collection of stuffed toys. Your old cupboards could be used for shelving. They may hold your wide collection of saucers and teacups. It would not be wrong to state that with your cottage style rooms, you would truly be limited by your imagination.


What paint does for wooden furniture, slipcovers would do the same for upholstered furniture. You could use worn-out flea market items and furniture to perk up under a pale slipcover. It may not match your prints, which may be matching the accents and rugs in the room. You should not fret if the slipcovers appear wrinkled. You wish to present your guest with a seat while giving them the idea that they would disrupt nothing.

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