How to Prevent Drain Blockages

How to Prevent Drain Blockages

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No one wants to face the repair that is involved with a blocked drain or sewer. However, if you have to face this problem, it is good to know who to call to solve it. It is also helpful to know what to do to prevent a future problem.

How to Dispose of Contents and Keep Your Drain Clog-Free

One of the best ways that this can be done is to be diligent about what you place in your drain. This means that you do not want your drain to be a conduit for cooking grease, hair, coffee grounds, or soap scum. In fact, these four culprits are a drain’s major enemies.

Getting Rid of Cooking Grease

In order to keep the drain free of cooking grease, place the grease in a food tin or cardboard milk container before getting rid of it in the trash. You can either add coffee grounds to a mulch pile or get rid of them in the garbage.

How to Prevent Hair or Soap Scum from Building up in Your Drain

In order to stop hair or soap scum from being a problem, cover a drain’s grate with a screen to capture the offenders. You will need to take a look at the selection of covers at the local hardware retailer or plumbing supply store. Most of the screens and filters can be simply laid in place. This basic accessory can save you a lot of future headaches when it comes to costly plumbing repairs.

Run Hot Water through the Sinks

You can also run hot water through your sinks to prevent blocked drains in Melbourne. In fact, it is a good idea that you do this every time you use a sink. By following this approach, you will keep any food products or oils running through the drain system rather than accumulating on the interior surfaces of your pipes. When a buildup occurs, it causes drains to run sluggishly, which leads to blockages.

Add Some Baking Soda

Besides running hot water through your drains, you also want to place baking soda down the pipes as well. This cleaning agent will absorb bad odours and keep your drains smelling fresher. Vinegar is also a good solvent to dispense down a drain system. That is because vinegar contains acetic acid, which is a strong solvent that eliminates the buildup in pipes.

If you have an in-sink disposal system, you can clean it by using ice cubes made of vinegar. Because vinegar will not easily freeze, fill an ice cube tray with vinegar and water. When the vinegary ice has formed, empty the ice down the sink into the disposal unit. The ice will scrape any grease or buildup off the interior drain walls. If you are not fond of the vinegary smell, you can include a sliced lemon when you are dispensing the ice.

Whilst drain cleaners also work to quickly remove hair or scum, it is not safe to use these products in large quantities. Play it safe by making use of the aforementioned organic products to free your drains of food buildups and oils.

By using the above methods, you can rest easier about your plumbing system. Schedule plumbing inspections as well to make sure that you stay on top of things.

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