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Home Improvement Ideas

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When it comes to home improvement, there are a number of challenges to overcomes on your journey to your new dream home. But, we can all agree that it’s worth it to finally have the home you deserve, a home that reflects your personality and inner workings. Home is where the heart is, after all. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what your dream house entails and, thus, how to make it a reality, so you should plan out what you want to do in advance for the smoothest possible project. In order to plan your renovations, you’re going to need to narrow your focus first. Here are a few suggestions for your remodeling project.

First and foremost, creating your home around a central theme is a great way to make your home come to life and give it a nice cohesive feeling. However, you don’t have to carry this theme across your whole home. You could, instead, use a different theme in each room, or simply have a single themed room, possibly the living room or master bedroom. One good theme idea is an oceanic theme. Such a theme would start with a palette of blues and greens that are evocative of the ocean, such as teal, cyan, and seafoam. You would then add to it some thematically appropriate decor, such as seashells, an aquarium, or retro diving gear, or you could hang some on theme paintings, photos, or posters.

Another great renovation idea is to consider the flow of your space. Take a look at the furniture in your living room, and then divide the carpet up into pathways. Now, imagine yourself getting up off the couch and going to the kitchen for a bag of M&M’s, then coming back to the couch to finish the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Your goal in this step is to make that trip as short and as smooth as possible. However, you’re also going to want this trip to be as short as possible across your whole house from one room to the next, as well as around each room to areas of interesting. Basically, you want your home to be the exact opposite of a hoarder’s labyrinth.

Lastly, there’s the issue of spare rooms. Having a spare room is a blessing and a curse. It’s blessing because there are so many options, but it’s a curse because it’s difficult to decide how to use it. The obvious use for a spare room is as a guest bedroom. Other uses include as a home office or art studio, or a home gym.

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