Get Proper Pest Control Methods as Per Your Condition for Keeping Away Rodents

Get Proper Pest Control Methods as Per Your Condition for Keeping Away Rodents

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There are some small animals that gnaw the important pieces of furniture and clothes in your home. Rodents are pests that are nuisance for your home and this group of pests contains rats, mice and squirrels. These small and furry animals run fast and will never come within your range. They contaminate your food, damage furniture and properties and also spread diseases. The most common are rats and these rodents are wary of any things near to them. This is the reason rat controlling tools and baits often fail to clear them off. These rats are mostly found in the attics, in the porches and underneath any concrete construction. They mostly nest in hard to find places.

Gnawing food and damaging properties

Mice are also rodents and they seek food, some cozy corner and water in your home. They contaminate food when they eat them and this can spread disease. These rodents are mostly mammals and they are warm blooded creatures that are seen all over the world. They have strong and oversized front teeth for gnawing anything that they find. They also have chewing teeth that are strong for any food that they gnaw. They cause a lot of damage to properties and rodent pest control can be the only way to take control of the growing population of rodents.

Controlling rodents and their way in

You will find that controlling these rodents can be difficult. You must still try to keep your property free of these furry creatures. Inspect the places where they can hide and place baits there to get rid of them. You can also get make it difficult for them to enter your home. Seal all the cracks and holes that you have in your home. All openings that can give space for the rodents to enter you home can be filled up with debris and then sealed permanently.

You will also have to keep your house clean. The food particles around your rooms will invite the rodents. The drainage system should be cleaned properly and covered with screen to allow water to flow through.

Using traps and rodenticides

You can use traps for getting these rodents out of your way. It is an alternative method, if you are not comfortable in using rodenticides. The population of rats often is small and trapping and disposing them will not take much time. This method also ensures that you dispose them before they are dead and start smelling horrid. Rodenticides can be used when you do not have pets or small children at home. This will give faster results when you place them at their nest.

Ultrasonic pest control

This rodent pest control is good for keeping the rodents away from your home. These rodents are sensitive to ultrasonic noises and will run away from the place that emits such noise. They hear noise that has a frequency of 76,000Hz which is much higher than human beings. This is the reason this sound does not affect the humans and will help you to keep the rodents away with the high frequency sound. If you do not have other pets at your home, you can use this to keep the rodents away from your property.

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