Choosing a Wall Hanging for Every Room in Your Home

Choosing a Wall Hanging for Every Room in Your Home

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A wall hanging is essential to have in every room. This adds beauty and attracts. It keeps your home looking classy and elegant. It is the dream of every woman to have a home that is warm. However, it is necessary to learn how to choose the right wall hanging for every room.

Living room

One factor that you ought to consider is the size of the space you wish to decorate. For the living room, it is important that you get a wall hanging that is large. This is because the room is also large. Most of your visitors will be entering your living room. Therefore make it large enough to get noticed easily. Another factor is to make sure it blends with the rest of the decorations in your living room. Ensure that the hanging is interesting.

Dining room

The dining area is also visited by most people, just like the living room. You could choose one of the many country interiors as a theme. For this space, it should be appropriate to consider a large piece of work. You could also consider using a food-related theme.


You can have a wall hanging that is smaller in the bedrooms. For the master room, go for a hanging that is personalised, depending on your interests. You are the only one using this room. For the rest of the bedrooms, get a colourful hanging that interests the children. You may need to change this from time to time, as their interests change as they grow.

Bathroom and kitchen

When choosing a wall hanging for the bathroom or kitchen, consider the smells and condensation. For the right hanging, consider a frame that is waterproof to keep it looking new at all times.


This is a space that needs to be decorated according to its size. When your hallway is long, go for a wall hanging that is rectangular in shape. Make it wider, so it may seem bigger. You may consider having a few smaller hangings spaced in a pattern. This will make the hallway look shorter, and the wall more interesting. Ensure that hangings are attractive, and bright.

When you are shopping for a wall hanging, consider the theme for each room, its use and amount of light. For a darker space, go for brightly coloured hangings. A room needs to blend all its colours to maintain the theme. Also give your rooms the warmth they need, especially when the room needs to feel warm for visitors. Ensure you get a wall hanging that is unique, in order to keep it interesting. Also, consider including paintings or sculptures for the best look.


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