Buying A New AC For The Summers? Don’t Miss These Tips!

Buying A New AC For The Summers? Don’t Miss These Tips!

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Summer is around the corner, and this is the perfect time to grab offers on air conditioners. If you plan to buy a new AC, it is wise to be aware of the newer options, models, and features that one should be seeking. Below are some of the essential tips that may come handy.

Go for an inverter AC

An inverter AC, for the uninitiated, uses the invertor technology. As you switch on a non-inverter AC, the compressor motor starts at a high speed to reach the set temperature. After that, the motor stops and restarts when there is a rise in the room temperature. In case of an inverter AC, the compressor motor keeps running at a lower speed even at the optimal temperature, which helps in maintaining the room temperature. Also, inverter ACs are extremely energy efficient and use up to 30% less electricity. Since we are opting for an efficiency upgrade of an inverter AC tends to be higher than a normal AC, but the considerable energy bill savings make up for it.

Energy efficiency counts

Even five hours of using the AC can rake up your monthly energy bills considerably.  This is the precise reason why you need an air conditioner, with better energy ratings. Star ratings start from 1 to a maximum of 5. A five-star air conditioner will consume less power compared to one that has been give 3 stars. If you go for a 5-star rated inverter AC, you will save huge every month, although the upfront costs are higher.

Cooling capacity is important

In case of an air conditioner, the size of the room where it will be used plays a major role. For a room that’s around 150 sq.ft in area, a one-ton AC should be enough. For bigger rooms, 1.5-ton air conditioner is ideal. Consider this before taking a call, especially if you want to install the AC in the living room.

Consider aftersales services

Most people don’t really think about aftersales services, but ideally, this is one of the important aspects that must appear on your priority list. Keep in mind that ACs use complex technologies, and when it comes to repairs, you cannot do things on your own.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy Voltas Inverter AC or any other known brand, check the online stores for more discounts and rebates on retail prices. Many of them have ongoing offers for summers, and you can expect a considerable discount on the retail price. Installation assistance and other services offered are other things to keep in mind. Online stores also have most brands in stock, which is an added advantage.

Check online to find best ACs and brands on sale.

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